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Enfitnix Technology, Inc.

SCOM ULTRA 45/45 Carbon Spoke Wheelset

SCOM ULTRA 45/45 Carbon Spoke Wheelset

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Fast, Strong Hubs

The heart of any strong wheelset is a strong hub. Our hubs are precision machined from the strongest alloys with oversized bearings, axles and flanges - all with the goal of increasing stiffness. Any flex at the hub will be amplified by the time it reaches the rim, therefore a stiff, solid hub is paramount.


Although in comparison to the system weight of the rider + bicycle the wheelset wieght is a small percentage it nevertheless cannot be overlooked. Thanks to using only premium materials, the resulting weight of a wheelset is as little as 1,280g.

Durability by Design

We designed a wheelset that had durability as a core principle. Durable steel Enduro bearings are just a part of that philosophy. Or wheels are designed to handle the forces of top-level racing, and we have a five year warranty to stand behind them.

Carbon Spokes

We've been using carbon spokes on our race car wheels for years, so when it came to choosing a material for our bike wheel spokes, carbon was the obvious choice. Lighter and stiffer than the best steel spokes, carbon spokes provide snappy acceleration and high lateral stiffness for fast cornering.

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    SIZE(WHEELS): 700c
    RIM DEPTH: 45mm F/45mm R
    RIM WIDTH: 19mm/26mm
    HUB: SCOM Straight Pull Hubs
    BEARING: Enduro
    SPOKE: ST-01
    TIRE TYPE: Tubeless,Clincher
    WEIGHT: 1350g(Disc Brake), 1280g(Ring Brake)

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